Understanding the Golf Swing: The


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For thousands of players, their first session with Manuel de la Torre marked the day their game got simpler and they began playing better. Immediately, you’ll be relieved to know that the long list of things-to-do for golf shots gets more manageable because it gets shorter. As the list gets shorter, it is easier to understand, apply, and perfect the essentials that will improve your game.

Your session with Manuel de la Torre begins in Volume 1 with a conversation that takes you to a new perspective in which golf makes the kind of sense you always knew it should. Then one-at-a-time, he walks you through the fundamentals of an effective swing. The clarity and simplicity, with which only he can do this will make it obvious why players from all over the country come to work with him.

In Volume 2, your session takes you out on the course where he shows you how these fundamentals are common to every swing. He conducts your training in putting, chipping, pitching, sand play, uneven lies, and your full swing.

Elapsed Time:
Volume 1- 76:12
Volume 2- 74:03

The DVD Understanding the Golf Swing is a stand alone complete introduction to golf. Please also see the book Understanding the Golf Swing, also by Manuel de la Torre.

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