Wedge Guys Professional Golf Grip Tape 2″ x 10″ Solvent Activated Double Sided Adhesive Strips for Regripping Golf Clubs Wood Hybrid Iron Wedge Putter, Easy to Peel & Pre Cut


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Product Description

wedge guys grip tape strips

Professionally Re-grip your Golf Clubs from the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Wedge Guys golf grip tape strips are incredibly easy to use and feature durable, double sided ultra-adhesive material that won’t curl or bunch up during installation when installed correctly.

These high quality strips are an essential part of installing new grips on your golf clubs.

easy to peel grip tape strip for regripping your golf club

Easier & More Convenient

Wedge Guys grip tape strips have super sticky double sided adhesive and are specially pre-cut for an easy peel, every time.

**Be sure to use solvent for proper installation**

golf club grip tape strips made in the usa

Made in the USA

Wedge Guys grip tape is always Made in the USA with the highest quality materials, quality control, and craftsmanship.

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Installing your Grip Strips in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Secure club in a vise using a rubber vise clamp.

Step 2: Remove old grip and any remaining tape.

Step 3: Apply 10 inches of double sided grip tape extending 1/4” over butt end and twist/fold the 1/4” of tape into the butt end.

Step 4: Apply a generous amount of solvent inside the grip and over the length of the tape. Shake the solvent inside the grip and pour over the tape.

Step 5: Quickly Install the grip by pushing it over the butt end of the shaft while the tape is still wet.

Step 6: Allow grips to dry a couple hours before using.

Wedge Guys golf club supplies and accessories

High quality golf supplies for all of your regripping needs.

*Displayed product assortment sold separately.

EASY TO USE – The 2” x 10” double sided golf tape is much easier & more convenient than using a grip tape roll, and multiple strips can be used for the perfect fit. (Grip solvent is required, just as with any grip tape.)
QUALITY COUNTS – Save money on regripping your golf clubs without sacrificing quality. The Wedge Guys Golf Tape is 6mil thick, perfectly sticky, easy to peel, and won’t bunch up during installation when installed correctly.
PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – We use only the finest materials and manufacture our grip tape in the USA. Don’t have solvent? Check out our Complete Grip Kit listing for solvent, grip strips, and a vise for your all-in-one solution.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We’re pleased to be able to offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee with every Wedge Guys golf grip tape purchase. (Make sure you are purchasing from the Wedge Guys seller store to ensure quality)

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