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Kansas Golf Vacations – Wolf Creek Golf Course

I played at Wolf Creek Golf Links, Inc., located in Olathe, Kansas a couple of weeks ago in a Kansas City Cup match and must say it was a very beautiful golf course. We won the match, which may have made it that much better, but I thought post my review of the course while […]

7 O’Clock to 1 O’Clock Golf Swing Drill

I personally think the best golf drill to cure the common slice is the 7 o”clock to 1o”clock golf swing drill. It has helped me and many others to get the ball flying straighter and longer consistently. To make a perfect backswing, you need to maintain a straight posture. Drawing back inside or extending your […]

Golf is called a Gentleman’s Game for Good Reason

Golf has long been known as a gentleman’s sport. This sport even has its very own rules of etiquette. Despite the common assumption that these rules of golf etiquette are all about maintaining the gentlemanly state of the game for the most part, they each have practical purposes. The general reasons behind the rules of […]

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